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Preliminary Routing
Pipeline R/W Design
Landowner Contact
Damage Settlement
Due Diligence
Title and Curative
Right-of-Way Acquisition
Surface Site Acquisition
AutoCAD Mapping and As-Built
River and Wetland Permitting
River and Wetland Crossings
Permit Agents

Other Company/Project Relationships
Chesapeake Energy, Central AR
XTO Energy, Inc., Central and Western AR
Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative, Western AR
Sabine Oil, formerly Forest Oil, Western AR
Sagely Oil and Gas Company, Western AR
Western AR Planning and Development, Western AR
Source Gas, Western and Northwestern AR
Kinder Morgan, Eastern and Northeastern AR
Midstream Energy, LLC, Western OK
Superior Pipeline Company, Eastern OK
Unit Corporation, Eastern OK
Doyle Land, North Dakota

Acquisition Philosophy:


Parnell Consultants, Inc. believes in treating each landowner as they would like and expect to be treated. Each landowner should leave a negotiation feeling like they were treated fairly and justly, without pressure or coercion by the agent. Agents are trained to follow the acquisition guidelines and parameters provided by the client alongside utilizing materials and strategies given during project training. Parnell Consultants, Inc. holds near and dear the relationships that our agents develop with landowners/agencies on behalf of our clients and seek to foster those relationships into long term partnerships.

Project Coordination: 

Parnell Consultants, Inc. has worked hand in hand with other subcontractors on most projects it has undertaken. We understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation and strive to ensure that we go above and beyond to keep all relevant groups apprised of the Right of Way functions that may impact their specific aspect of the project. We feel that a close relationship with the surveyors on site is vital to the Right of Way acquisition phase as the Agent involved is the voice between the surveyor and the landowner and the surveyor and the company in many cases. Being able to contribute ideas and understand, take, and incorporate suggestions and criticism is vital to ensure a viable route for acquisition. We have worked side by side with cultural and environmental surveyors as well and understand the importance of their roles with each project. Our expertise in researching courthouse records has proven to be invaluable at times when an issue arises in the field. While working alongside contractors on many projects (including pre-construction notifications, entry requirements, livestock relocations, property boundary issues, landowner complaints, etc.), we believe that our job is to provide the on-site link to foster a relationship between the contractor and the landowner. We have found the relationships that have been built with property owners during negotiations often carry over to construction and the contractors.

Client Representation in the Local Community:

Parnell Consultants, Inc. strives to represent itself to clients with a long term perspective. Parnell’s employees are local to the communities that they work in and have relationships with local landowners, businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Parnell’s employees represent their clients as they would themselves, seeking to establish long term relationships on behalf of their clients in the local community. This includes holding and attending open houses with their clients on various projects, attending community functions representing their clients and, most importantly, serving as a local, everyday point of contact for their clients in the community. Parnell’s employees are trained to be available and accountable on behalf of their clients and to follow up on any concerns and questions with any involved landowner as soon as possible to ensure positive landowner feedback.

Acquisition Philosophy
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